Bird Supplies

Our Services

  • Wing and Nail Trimming
  • One-on-One Behavioral Session with our Specialists
  • Training & Care Information Sessions
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • In-House Pet Sitting

Pets & Products

  • Hand-Fed Baby Birds
  • A Wide Variety of Birds Suited to Different Lifestyles
  • Healthy Foods from the Top Brands
  • Cages & Stands
  • Biggest DIY Toy Station in Texas

Nail and Wing Trims

Our nail trim service helps to keep your bird safe. If a bird’s nails get too long they can get caught on the cage bars or in a toy and cause the bird to panic and hurt themselves. We recommend bird trims for people in a more busy lifestyle for the fact that up in the panhandle, no matter how much a bird wants to fly home, he may not be able to because of our high, gusty wind. We also can do modified wing clippings based on the bird species if needed/requested. We offer walk in wing and nail trims on Tuesdays and Saturdays. All other times must be by appointment only and schedule a week in advance. All large birds we ask you bring in on Saturdays.

Behavior Modifications

We provide behavioral consultation as you need it. We use positive reinforcement to help you with your bird training and feel that behavior modification takes a team to remedy a situation. We can help in most situations. We have packages to help fit any budget and the training is free for the life of your bird if purchased from us. Sometimes we do recommend you leave the bird with us so we can study for a period of time and do multiple sessions a day with the bird. We believe that there are no bad birds just misunderstood birds and we do rehabilitate birds on a case by case basis. We believe the bird picks the person and we alway put the needs of the bird first.

Boarding and Pet sitting

We offer in house bird boarding, but for the multi-bird households, we also offer pet sitting. Katie, our oet sitter, has experience with finches to macaw (even chickens), rabbits to horses, and even reptile experience.

Our Baby Birds

Our hand fed babies come from our closed aviary and if we do not breed the bird you are looking for we have a select set of breeders we know personally that we can get hand fed babies to finish feeding for you in store. All our babies are taught to step up before weaning and we make sure they know how to fly after fledging and before we clip their wings. We require you to sign a contract when purchasing a baby from us because we care about what happens to them after they leave us. All babies handfed by us go home with food they have been weaned onto, a treat, and a toy.

Supporting our Birds with the Best Care

The best way we can show our birds how much we care is to provide them high quality food, treats, toys and housing. High quality food is a key component to a healthy and long life in our birds. Mental stimulation helps keep our birds happy when we are not there and we look for toys that will help in that realm. Whether it be foraging toys, shredding toys, or wood toys. Foraging toys are great for mental stimulation and help keep a bird happy. Shredding toys and wood toys help promote healthy beak growth and a natural trim.

DIY Parrot Toy Station

Our DIY parrot toy station is a fun way to rebuild destroyed toys or make some new ones. Need help? We are willing to help get your creative side going. We love having fun with our customers and we have quarterly bird toy building classes. Our bird supplies cannot be beat. We have the largest selection of bird supplies in the Panhandle of Texas. From foraging toys to climbing nets we find the best toys and bird enrichment items. We have the best DIY toy station in the Panhandle for building your own toys.

Bottom Line

Our birds and their happiness are our top priority. Most parrots outlive their owners so we try and make it to where while they are with us they live a happy and long life. Nutrition and enrichment are very important to their daily lives. As we always say, birds have the intelligence of a six year old with the mentality of a three year old.