Who we are

The Business Analyst

Stephanie is a US Army Disabled Veteran and has been working in the scientific community as a chemist for over 20 years. Before that she was a US Army Sergeant in Military Intelligence. She has a chemistry and physics degree as well as an MBA which did not quite prepare her for being a small business owner. She currently works a full time job as a research and development scientist. As a scientist, she looks at all the ingredients in our dog foods to make sure that what we bring to our customers and their pets is the best out there. Her goal is to find cool unique products for the store and create the stores own line of cool dog toys. She loves learning new things and is passionate about the nutrition aspect of owning a pet store. She is looking forward to retiring in 10 years and helping at the store full time.

Stephanie’s Fun Facts

  • Loves Star Trek and Star Wars equally (to the point she has a Brussels griffon (Ewok) and English angoras (Tribbles)
  • Loves to knit spin and dye yarn
  • Speaks Arabic
  • Loves Playing Pokemon Go (Team Mystic)

The bird Whisperer

Katie is the heart and soul of the store. She works 12 hour days nonstop for the entire year. Even when we are closed, she is still taking care of animals, checking in with customers and trying to help everyone possible. She was diagnosed with Autism her senior year of highschool. At that point, she developed her true love of birds and helping them. Katie has always had an affinity for animals and they all love her. She grew up with birds, rabbits, cats, horses, and of course dogs. After high school she did not feel ready to attend college and wanted to take a chance doing what she loved and turn it into a business. At this point Katie loved her two birds Magnus and Gracie and decided she wanted to take a chance in aviculture. Katie started running the business at 19 years old and after two years she is a pro when it comes to finding the perfect bird or rabbit for your family. She is getting ready to start working on her veterinarian degree so that she can better service our community and their exotics.

Katie’s Fun Facts

  • Loves animals
  • Knits and spins yarn
  • Thinks Lord of the Rings is the best movie trilogy in the world
  • Prefers tea to coffee
  • Loves playing D&D
  • Has done the nanowrimo November challenge and written a novel