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Amarillo’s Best Place for Pets and their Parents
We are committed to bringing you the very best in pet food and pet supplies. Whether they have 4 paws, two wings, hop or fly, we promise to find you the very best for your animal companion.

We are the only aviary in Amarillo that is a closed aviary which means our birds are diseased tested and never exposed to unknown birds. Our hand fed babies are the sweetest birds in the Panhandle of Texas. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we have other closed aviaries around Texas that we work with closely. We only buy from facilities that are disease-tested and that we have personally walked through. Our baby birds health and wellness is our top priority.

Our live animal sales policy

We have changed the way we sell live animals and believe that animals are the right fit for a family. We are passionate about finding the right fit for each family when it comes to live animals. We will always be honest with you when determining if a bird or small mammal is the right fit for your family. We think animals are companions and each one has a special need as do people. We are ethical in our treatment of our animals and each one is special to us. We require a sales agreement as well as verification that the animal will be an indoor pet.

What do we do?

Located in Amarillo, Texas we are your local expert on birds, rabbits, and dogs. We keep ourselves knowledgeable about pet food and nutrition. We carry quality dog food, cat foods, bird foods, pet toys, beds and other accessories including cool stuff for pet parents like t-shirts and wine glasses. We are right off Interstate highway 40 for easy access. Stop by for all your pet supply needs in Amarillo!


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Canidae brand pet food
Harrisons brand pet food
farmhouse pet food
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Higgins pet food
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